All Entries | 2020

Zorb® 4D Organic Cotton Dimple Waterproof PUL Soaker Fabric
Wazoodle Fabrics  |  |  +1 215 244 2589

Newly released  Zorb® 4D Organic Cotton Dimple Waterproof PUL Soaker Fabric has multiple layers. Super-absorbent face is a 3D, soft 100 percent organic cotton that facilitates rapid absorption and superior holding capacity. The 3D Zorb is laminated with a durable, breathable polyurethane waterproof film, and backed by an anti-skid polyester fabric. Light, breathable and thin, the fabric is safe for sensitive skin and absorbs fluids faster than other materials. Manufactured without harmful chemicals or finishes. 

Wolf-Gordon  |  |  +1 212 897 4015

Made for indoor and outdoor use, Wolf-Gordon’s two upholstery patterns draw on the influences of artists Bridget Riley and Frank Stella. The new designs in Sunbrella© constructions feature highly UV-stable pigments that are resistant to fading and the degrading effects of sunlight. Riley lends sensations of movement and color to the additions while Stella’s dynamic minimalism is captured in
the bold graphic quality.