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Safe, sustainable anti-odor socks

Swatches | October 1, 2021 | By:

Microbes on the skin can break down acids in sweat, resulting in the distinctive stinky sock smell, and natural fibers commonly used in socks, such as cotton and wool, are an ideal breeding ground for microbes. Even polyester can provide an environment for odor-causing bacteria to grow. To combat this, specialist sock brand Nodor has teamed up with antimicrobial material specialist Parx Materials to create a new range of anti-odor socks that uses an additive free of biocides and toxic substances. Saniconcentrate, an additive developed by Parx Materials, uses no biocides, silver, nano materials or toxic substances. The technology does not fade or wear out over time, nothing leaches away from the fabric, and in addition to bacteria, the additive’s broad-spectrum antimicrobial performance has been proven to be effective against viruses, molds and fungi, biofilm and fouling. Photo: Nodor.

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