ABC Industries

Duravider Fabrics

Recommended for athletic curtains, Duravider Fabrics are tear and abrasion resistant and UV stabilized. Formulated with mold and mildew inhibitors, the fabric is NAFTA compliant.  |  Booth 2205
ABC Industries

Agri-Tex Fabrics

Agri-Tex Fabrics offer excellent tear resistance, abrasion resistance and tensile strength. Simple to repair, easily collapsible and made in the USA.  |  Booth 2205
ABC Industries

TyVek® Class-A Fabrics

Intended for the returnable packaging industry, TyVek® Class-A Fabrics offer reliable performance. The low-friction textile is easy to clean.  |  Booth 2205
ABC Industries

Brushed Tricot Class-A Fabrics

Brushed Tricot Class-A Fabrics have multiple uses for the automotive and returnable packaging industries. Benefits include protection from hard and abrasive surfaces and conformity to virtually any product shape.  |  Booth 2205
Alnet Americas Inc.


Strong and durable, Extrablock flame retardant shade fabric offers maximum fire retardancy protection in 22 designer colors. Because of the unique knit construction, fabrication is easy and the fabric holds its shape longer after installation. Meets CSFM Title 19, NFPA 701 and ASTM E84 FR certification. Offered with a 10-year warranty. Recommended for lightweight tension structures, canopies and shade covers.  |  Booth 2301
Alpha Tubular Motors

WSERD30-B motor

For interior shading applications that require quiet, stand-alone operation, the WSERD30-B motor has a built-in Li-ion battery when an A/C power supply is not available. Can run 750 cycles on a single charge and operates at a whisper quiet 32dB.  |  Booth 2541
Alpha Tubular Motors

WSMER50LED motor

The WSMER50LED motor is a retractable awning motor that includes a built-in LED power supply. Control lighting from one remote that allows for both motor control and LED on/off with dimming.  |  Booth 2541
Alpha Tubular Motors

WSER50 Universal motor

With a torque stop function, the WSER50 Universal motor is designed for sun shades, screens, shutters and awnings. It prevents sagging for exterior drop screens with bottom bar stoppers when raised and keeps fabric taut when screens are down.  |  Booth 2541
Bally Ribbon Mills

Woven composite

Lightweight and cost effective, woven composites are produced using a multidimensional continuous weaving method (x, y, and z orientation of fibers) that produces textiles that can be fabricated into near net-shape structures with improved through-thickness properties. Applications include 3D woven joints, woven thermal protection systems (TPS) and advanced woven composite 3D structures.  |  Booth A925
Bally Ribbon Mills

Biomedical tapes and webbing

Biomedical tapes and webbing are designed for use in cardiovascular, orthopedic, ligature structures and dental prosthetic applications. The cardiovascular textiles facilitate transaortic valve replacement and atrial septal defect repair. Monofilament materials used in blood filtration, aspirating devices and bone marrow transplants are also available. All materials are utilized as structural components for Class I, II and III medical devices. Manufactured in a certified Class-8 clean room, meeting rigorous ISO 13485 certification.  |  Booth A925
Bally Ribbon Mills

High performance webbing

Meeting the demands of many markets, including military, safety, industrial, commercial and sports, high performance webbing applications include MIL-Spec, PIA-Spec, binding tapes, parachute setups, harnesses, packs, chin straps, climbing webs and seat belts. Berry Amendment material is available, including polyester webbing. Woven tensile, compression and tubular structures are optimized by high performance fibers and polymer chemistry advancements.  |  Booth A925
Bally Ribbon Mills


Narrow woven E-WEBBINGS® e-textile products serve as a customizable base for smart and functional textile applications within the Internet of Things (IoT). The textiles serve as the foundation layer to which electronic intercommunicative technology is integrated directly. Made from a variety of fibers, conductive elements and sensors that allow electronics and digital parts to be embedded in them.  |  Booth A925


Dynamo is a wall-mounted pergola with a retractable vinyl roof design that offers rain, sunlight and humidity protection for outdoor areas. Fixed to a system with crossbar profiles, trolleys and guides; the system allows for horizontal sliding. The use of different fabrics makes the awning structure highly customizable.  |  Booth 1544
Docril Fabrics LLC/CITEL

Docril N 60-inch fabric

Docril N 60-inch fabric is designed for the manufacturing of nautical awnings, canopies and pergolas that endure wet climates, splashes and heavy rainfalls. A special finish prevents the growth of microorganisms as well as fabric deterioration. Solution dyed so that the pigments are absorbed by the heart of the fiber, resulting in bright and long-lasting color.  |  Booth 1336
Docril Fabrics LLC/CITEL


Offering high water repellence, Docril is a 100% solution-dyed acrylic fabric for awning, marine and parasol applications. It blocks up to 90% of UV rays and offers workability, high durability, abrasion resistance, dimensional stability and inherent protection against rot and mildew. Available in 47- and 60-inch versions.  |  Booth 1336
Docril Fabrics LLC/CITEL

Docril T 47-inch

Designed to improve heat insulation, Docril T 47-inch incorporates an interior coating with suspended nanocapsules whose particles absorb part of the heat generated by solar radiation. This function reduces the temperature of the area by 8% as compared to standard acrylic awnings, resulting in energy savings on air conditioning.  |  Booth 1336
e2 Technical Textiles

TPU 1001 Air Inflatable Shelter Coated Fabric

TPU 1001 Air Inflatable Shelter Coated Fabric is lightweight, waterproof, flame retardant and offers antimicrobial resistance. Recommended for conventional and air-inflatable shelter systems and conventional and air-inflatable decontamination shelters  |  Booth A1219
e2 Technical Textiles

SoundSafe Acoustic Barrier

Designed for residential, commercial and construction acoustic barrier applications, SoundSafe Acoustic Barrier is reinforced for dimensional stability. Available in widths up to 110 inches, the product is available in ½, 1 and 1½ pounds. A white printable product is also available.  |  Booth A1219
e2 Technical Textiles

XtrmPly PE Alloy 20

An alternative for coated PVC applications, XtrmPly PE Alloy 20 is 30% lighter weight than the same thickness PVC-coated fabric. Performs well in cold weather and is chemical resistant. Also features excellent lay-flat properties.  |  Booth A1219
e2 Technical Textiles

Coated Fleece for CIPP

In widths up to 116 inches, Coated Fleece for CIPP features felt weights from 3 to 50 ounces. TPU and TPO coatings are available, with coating thickness from 7 mils to 30 mils. Recommended for trenchless pipe rehabilitation and cured in place pipe (CIPP).  |  Booth A1219