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Spun yarn adds stretch

Swatches | July 1, 2022 | By:

DuPont has announced that JP Modatex India and DuPont Biomaterials are launching a new spun yarn collection made with a blend of natural fibers and DuPont™ Sorona® staple fibers. The collection brings together linen and partially plant-based Sorona® fibers to create spun yarns for apparel with stretch, moisture management, drape and luxurious hand feel. Until now, quality stretch linen was not available due to the incompatibility of linen and spandex. This new concept fills a need for stretch linen without spandex and provides an option for designers needing a more sustainable product.

JP Modatex is the manufacturer of premium and specialty ring spun yarns for apparel and home textiles, providing specialty yarns globally, with a focus on 100 percent linen-hemp and other blends. DuPont’s Sorona® brand is made from 37 percent renewable plant-based ingredients. Fibers made with Sorona® polymer are currently used in various apparel applications, including athleisure and athletic wear, insulation, swimwear, outerwear, suiting, faux fur and others.

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