Gale Pacific

DualShade 350

DualShade 350 commercial architectural shade fabric produces an iridescent, shimmery effect in the sunlight. Engineered for tough environments, the mid-weight fabric is suitable for a variety of sizes and designs. The patented intertwining knit pattern results in a dimensionally stable fabric that reduces re-tensioning frequency, resulting in longer fabric life, improved performance and structural integrity. Three collections provide a palette of 12 color combinations. All color options are available in standard and flame-retardant variants.

Gale Pacific

Commercial Flame Retardant (FR) fabrics

With weights ranging from 340 to 430 gsm, Commercial Flame Retardant (FR) fabrics offer options for any shade structure project. Commercial NinetyFive 340 FR HDPE shade cloth is available in 22 colors. Commercial Heavy 430 FR monofilament heavy-duty shade cloth is available in 16 colors. Commercial DualShade 350 FR delivers an iridescent effect. The fabrics undergo comprehensive FR testing and certification; every color passes stringent standards, including CSFM and NFPA 701 (Methods 1 and 2).

Gale Pacific

Apex fabric

The next-generation Apex fabric is an environmentally responsible, non-PVC architectural membrane that is strong and durable at up to 35% less weight than PVC alternatives. Features self-cleaning technology that prevents dirt particles from building up on the fabric’s surface. With a 10-year warranty against UV degradation and designed to withstand harsh environments, the fabric is FR compliant. Available in 400 and 550 gsm including a block-out variant for small to medium-sized shade framed structures, cantilevers, marquees and tents.

Gaposa Motors and Control Systems


Autonomo is a solar-powered 500 series motor solution with obstacle detection for rolling shutters and exterior screens. It is a “plug and play” full package that includes a motor, battery and solar panel. All pre-wired for quick connections and specially engineered for all types of roller screens and shutters.

Gaposa Motors and Control Systems

Sense motor

Pioneering the use of obstacle detection, the innovative Gaposa Sense motor is a true triple-try obstacle detection system. Sense motors with intelligent obstacle detection were designed for rolling shutters and roller screens. The technology is available on 500 series and 600 series motors up to 120Nm with or without radio. The motor will stop and retract if any object has been left beneath the screen or shutter.

Gaposa Motors and Control Systems

Emitto16 channel remote

Designed for the indoor and outdoor living markets, the Emitto16 channel remote combines modern Italian style with multiple functions in a durable body. With a crisp LCD display, great hand weight, and comfortable feel, it’s available with and without a timer. The 16-channel remote is available in-stock for immediate shipment. Select what to control between individual channels and custom groups with a simple push of a button.

Gaposa Motors and Control Systems

Gaposa Roll.App

Using the Gaposa Roll.App, Gaposa powered shades, zip screens, blinds, awnings, rolling shutters and more can be operated anywhere, anytime. The Roll.App will allow users to organize your shades into rooms or set day/night schedules to automate daylight management. Control up to 32 different Gaposa motorized products from the app from anywhere.

Haartz Corporation

HP2 Styrene Barrier

The HP2 Styrene Barrier is a proprietary styrene barrier coated nonwoven designed to be easily inverted in UV, steam and hot water-cured CIPP applications where high-performance styrene barrier properties are required.

Heesung Polymer


The base fabric of uniTent is a low-shrinkage, high-tenacity polyester that provides end users with stability during the progress of the processing. A special surface treatment of uniTent enhances cleanability by blocking contaminants, which can be wiped off easily, even with water.

Heesung Polymer


Heesung Polymer’s uniLeisure tent fabric, and truck/tent covers are made of high-quality, high-tech PVC tarpaulins with 100% Sol-coating, which is different from laminated tarpaulins. With high-quality resins and other chemical substances supplied by affiliated companies, the PVC sol mixture provides excellent performance.


TenCate Outdoor Fabrics

HEYtex has added TenCate Outdoor Fabrics to its family of quality outdoor fabrics for the tent, awning and sun shades markets. Whether an application requires a lightweight fabric substrate or a heavy-duty robust fabric, HEYtex can provide a solution for it all. TenCate offers a range of specialized fabrics, for all areas of the camping and outdoor market.


HEYtex spacer fabric

HEYtex offers spacer fabric from the HEYtrax range. In this complex material, a connection is created between two fabric layers by inserting pile yarns. The resulting spar body can be filled with air, for example, resulting in an extremely dimensionally stable and flexural rigid component with low weight. In addition to PVC coating, HEYtrax materials can also be coated with thermoplastic elastomers (TPU).


State-of-the-art domestic laminating capabilities

New, state-of-the-art domestic laminating capabilities are now available at HEYtex’s Pulaski, Va., manufacturing location. It can provide domestic laminated fabrics/films/foils up to 90 inches wide and up to 40 oz/yd2 in total weight. These new lamination capabilities provide up to a three-layer composite (Triplex) in a single production pass.

Jason Mills

Style 275

Jason Mills’ Style 275 is used in the medical industry primarily in patient lift systems. Style 275 has been tested to a load-bearing weight of 1,500 pounds. This material is soft to the patient’s touch as it is made using texturized polyester and is tested to meet the FR spec CAL117.

Jason Mills

Style 1996-12SD

Style 1996-12SD is used in several markets. The major use is perimeter netting for an indoor golf enclosure. Other markets include archery, cargo netting and any outdoor application requiring a sturdy knit material. The material is made using 100% solution-dyed yarn to ensure that the material will not fade or degrade, and that there is no dye transfer/migration when this material meets another material or object. Style 1996-12SD is tested to pass NFPA 701.

JTE Machines


FIAB HPS Q-Drive is an advanced, versatile robotic RF welder that can be controlled remotely using a joystick for unlimited movement around the production floor. With a turning head, it welds 360 degrees up to 43-inches on each cycle. It includes a Z-shape in the frame for easy continuous overlap welding.

Keder Solutions

ULTRA fabric

The durable and long-lasting ULTRA fabric is best used for awnings, tarps, tents and structures, signs and banners. This coated vinyl fabric is lacquered on both sides with a high-gloss finish making it “easy on the eyes” as well as a breeze to clean.

Keder Solutions

KS1000 vinyl fabric

KS1000 vinyl fabric is the cost-effective, flexible and versatile laminate that is used in tenting, tarp, awning, sign and banner needs. This fabric also comes in an array of colors that are ultraviolet and mildew treated.

Keyston Bros


Comprised of 19 popular marine colors, Neptune is designed to withstand harsh marine elements and heavy usage on boats. It features two-way stretch, a three-year anti-pinking warranty and five-year mildew and mold product warranty. Made of 100% PVC with a polyurethane topcoat and polyester backing.

Keyston Bros


Coolshade is recommended for awnings, tents, tension structures, protective covers, signs and banners, stationary tarps, pool covers, spa covers and gymnasium field and floor covers. It offers exceptional dimensional stability and the weldable fabric accepts graphics and solvent-based ink. It is available in custom colors with a 1,200-yard minimum. The mildew-resistant material has a five-year limited warranty.