Self-Piercing Grommets and Washers

Self-Piercing Grommets and Washers for industrial fabrics. Stimpson’s “no hole needed” self-piercing grommets and washers pierce the fabric or material and set the grommet in one action, saving you time and money. Brass self-piercing grommets and washers are available in standard trade sizes, including #0, #1, #2, #2XL and #3, while stainless steel self-piercing grommets and washers are available in sizes #2 and #2XL. Stimpson self-piercing grommets and washers work in tandem with the 405 bench press and the high-quality self-piercing die to set the fasteners securely and confidently.


High-Performance Rolled Rim Grommets and Spur Washers

Stimpson’s High-Performance Rolled Rim Grommets and Spur Washers provide the strongest setting strength of any fasteners. The rolled rim grommet features a stylish, smooth-rolled edge, while the circumference of the inside rim of the washer is lined with interlocking spurs that grasp the fabric or material, resulting in a rugged and unyielding setting. Brass rolled rim grommets and spur washers are available in sizes #0 through #10, and customers can select from brass, dull black and nickel-plated finishes. For customers that prefer 304 stainless steel, Stimpson’s rolled rim grommets and spur washers are available in sizes #0 through #4.


405 Bench Press

The iconic Stimpson® 405 Bench Press, featuring quick-change tooling and a heavy-duty cast aluminum frame, has been the choice of industrial fabric professionals since its first iteration over 100 years ago. While its operation is manual, the quality of work it produces equals that of large automatic machines.


Modular Grommet Hand Drive Tooling

Stimpson’s Modular Grommet Hand Drive Tooling allows operators to set grommets and washers either on the go or on the busiest production line. Because it is modular, the top and bottom tooling are interchangeable, enabling operators to use the same handle and bolster with any of the appropriate Stimpson dies. Stimpson’s modular hand drive set includes everything needed to begin setting grommets and washers immediately right out of the box. The complete kit consists of a handle with an ergonomic grip, high-quality top and bottom insert tools, a bolster and a hex key to swap out the top tool.


Sunbrella® fabrics

Sunbrella® fabrics redefined the outdoor experience in the 1960s with durable and functional awnings. Today, Sunbrella leads the pack as a performance fabric industry pioneer, constantly redefining textile craftsmanship. With the new 2023 Sunbrella Shade Collection, 2023 Marine Canvas Collection, exciting new offerings for commercial projects, new sales tools and more, Sunbrella continues its commitment to providing superior performance.

Tennessee Webbing

Contract sewing and light converting

Tennessee Webbing Products offers affordable contract sewing and light converting. The company has been manufacturing affordable sub-assemblies and finished sewn products for more than 20 years. With both domestic and overseas manufacturing capabilities, Tennessee Webbing produces affordable sewn narrow fabrics products for well-known name brands as well as small businesses around the world.

The Fox Company

HKR-100 UltraSew

HKR-100 UltraSew is an ultrasonic sewing machine designed to cut and seal or join similar materials together. This machine is useful in medical products manufacturing where a seam must be sealed to prevent leakage of liquids. It has many applications in industrial sewing for filters or applications that require a strong seal.

The Fox Company

Intercut SA-501 Semi- Automatic Pull Cut machine

The Intercut SA-501 Semi- Automatic Pull Cut machine is specifically designed for smaller production manufacturers who are pulling panels to length (up to 20’) and stacking up to 4.5”. This machine is used in the automotive, home furnishings, medical and apparel cutting rooms. It allows one operator to pull and cut off of a roll of material on a piece goods bar or a drop in cradle where normally it takes two people.

The Fox Company

Intercut 820 MK IV

The Intercut 820 MK IV is used anywhere that fabric is being inspected, measured, re-rolled or cut into specific lengths for resale. It allows the user to identify mill flaws, damage or marks and mark the selvedge so that this flaw can be either spliced when laying up on the table for stack cutting, or cut out if single-ply cutting. The machines are custom built to be suited for each customer’s needs.

The Fox Company

SHS-72 Automatic Panel Sheeter

The SHS-72 Automatic Panel Sheeter with Intergrated Slitters offers high-volume cutting of squares and rectangles to width and length. The machine is used for any panel cutting that requires exact lengths of both lighter and heavier materials from institutional to industrial applications in the geotextile, construction, medical, outdoor screens and many other markets.

The Quality Thread and Notions Co.

QT Armor Mil-Spec Thread, Webbing and Elastic

QT Armor Mil-Spec Thread, Webbing and Elastic is for manufacturing of military accessories, equipage and footwear, parachutes, clothing, gloves, cargo, life preservers, rucksacks, backpacks, luggage, ammunition pouches, rifle slings, goggle straps and more. QT Armor Mil-Spec Thread is a Berry Compliant, high-tenacity type 6.6 nylon continuous filament thread that meets Government A-A-59826 Specs. Its twisted multi-filament thread construction offers better ply security; Type II state-of-the-art bonded finish offers superior abrasion resistance. QT Armor Mil-Spec Webbing available in three types to meet U.S. Government Specifications: 55301, 5038 and 17337. QT Armor Mil-Spec Berry Compliant Elastic features 50% elongation and a strength of 3-6 lbs.

The Quality Thread and Notions Co.

Flame Guard Kevlar® Fire Retardant Thread, Hook and Loop and Elastic

Flame Guard Kevlar® Fire Retardant Thread, Hook and Loop and Elastic is extremely strong yet lightweight and durable. This fiber is five times stronger than steel by weight, and has good resistance to heat over short periods of time. Flame Guard Nomex™ is fire retardant thread that chars at 675° F and decomposes at 700° F, but never melts. Flame Guard Hook and Loop satisfies U.S. Federal Aviation specification FAA25.853(b) for special occasion applications. Flame Guard Elastic is lightweight and comfortable, cut resistant, and Berry Compliant. Used for manufacturing firefighter clothing, welding gloves and aprons, heat shield tarpaulins, bullet proof vests and safety apparel.

The Quality Thread and Notions Co.

Sunguard+ UVR Bonded Polyester Thread

Sunguard+ UVR Bonded Polyester Thread is for awnings and shade structures, canvas and tents, tarps and covers, outdoor and marine upholstery and more. It features maximum UV resistance, and a state-of-the-art bonding and dying process to ensure the highest quality of colorfastness and performance. It resists mold, mildew, chlorine and bromine. It meets or exceeds quality assurance standards (including color transfer and migration testing) and has ready-wound bobbins available.

The Quality Thread and Notions Co.

SolarFix® PTFE Thread

SolarFix® PTFE Thread is for marine upholstery and enclosures, boat covers, awnings and shade systems, medical, pool covers, outdoor furniture, architectural structures, hurricane screens and more. It offers superior resistance to UV sunlight, salt water, cleaning chemicals, mildew and other harsh outdoor elements. Color-coded spools help differentiate sizing faster. A large inventory of multiple sizes and colors are in stock and ready to ship from the QTN warehouse.


Marine Shade Fly

Cool shade is only seconds away with a Marine Shade Fly, which offers the ultimate UV protection and comfort when out on the water. Durable and made to last in the most demanding marine conditions, the removable boat shade poles and fabrics are lightweight and install quickly and easily in either the bow or stern of the boat. Trivantage offers four categories of premium performance lightweight pole sets, and each set comes with two poles. Easy to install—and easy to remove and stow—these poles attach seamlessly to shade fabric connectors for extra protection from the sun.


Engineering Services

Trivantage is now offering Engineering Services access to professional engineers for awning or shade sail projects that require sealed computer-aided design (CAD) drawings or engineering letters of approval. The service is the newest offering available as part of Awning Composer®, an easy-to-use rendering software designed to move projects to production in half the time. Participants can submit an engineering request with the details of the project, and Trivantage will provide a project quote for approval. The service includes web-based forms to create, view and edit engineering requests on PCs, tablets and smartphones, the ability to attach renderings, frame drawings and attachment details to each request and much more. For details, visit Trivantage’s dedicated page for a simple, three-step process to start an engineering request.



Tested to meet strict performance standards, Hydrofend brings the ultimate defense against weather, whether used in marine application or patio furniture covers. The protective fabric is lightweight, highly water resistant, breathable, and resists fraying, cold crack, mold, mildew and fading. It is designed to store and fabricate easily without damage and provides excellent tear and break strength, making it durable against the elements.

Ultracut Industries


Duoweld is an impulse welder designed specifically for the external awning/side retention system market. It facilitates fast and easy welding of zippers and keders to material with the ability to switch between a 10mm and 20mm weld at the push of a button. Users can save different programs to automatically adjust for different keder sizes and offsets are the key patented features of the machine. This ensures faster weld times, higher quality welds and minimal operator skill to achieve a high quality.

W.L. Gore

Gore® Tenara® Sewing Thread

Versatile, high-performance Gore® Tenara® Sewing Thread is for the most demanding marine and outdoor projects. It’s designed for high-speed sewing and will maintain its looks and strength even after extended environmental challenges. The thread is guaranteed to last for the lifetime of the fabric.

Wichard Inc.


A rolling shade sail fitted on an FXSun furler is ideal for arranging an outdoor space. It simply and quickly gets furled in case of bad weather and stored during winter if necessary. The FXSun mechanisms bring a marine touch or industrial design depending on the point of view. In addition, by initially meeting the nautical requirements, the FXSun systems are light and reliable and built to last.