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ACSA announces partnership with global competitors to increase cotton value

Company News, News | July 1, 2024 | By:


The American Cotton Shippers Association (ACSA) announced it has joined the Brazilian Cotton Shippers Association and the Australian Cotton Shippers Association by signing a landmark Memorandum of Understanding.

The agreement focuses on addressing matters of efficiency in the global supply chain, collaborating to enhance security within the cotton trade and recognizing cotton’s comparative sustainability to manmade fiber.

“While it may seem curious that we are collaborating with our largest competitors, we have a collective incentive to address matters that impact cotton’s value around the world. The issues that we are focused on can immediately reduce the cost of raw cotton landed at destination, creating enhanced competitiveness to alternative fibers, and simultaneously illuminate cotton’s value,” says Buddy Allen, president and CEO of ACSA.

“ACSA is committed to take bold action to increase the value proposition for cotton production in the United States. This requires a global perspective to compete,” says Shea Ishee, vice president of ACSA.

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