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Tips for working with Chinese suppliers and customers

June 1, 2020

…impractical for the time being, use Skype, WeChat and smartphones to hold conference calls. WhatsApp does not work in mainland China, but it does work in Hong Kong. Fish Wang,…

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Top tips for operating a specialty fabrics business during a pandemic

April 1, 2020

…via Skype or Zoom meetings on products and processes, improving the workforce so that it’s stronger when it comes back. Allow employees to drive their personal vehicles to job sites…

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Expanding business internationally

February 1, 2011

…countries, pricing structures need to be more flexible than in the U.S., and that international customers tend to favor Skype over e-mail communications. And though it sounds simple, exporters need…

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Web resources for finding partners

January 1, 1970

…work with people you find on the Web but you really need to read some body language, Lesonsky notes that Skype and other communication services provide video with calls on…

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