PHIFER’s GeoBella Canvas

September 1, 2013

PHIFER Inc. IFAI Expo 2013 Booth: 4412 New: Designed Fabrics Canvas Collection for outdoor furniture. Advantages: Collection of 20 colors and 10 coordinating stripes is inspired by the vintage style of grain sacks, burlap and linen. The newest collection to join the GeoBella® Cushion Fabrics line, these fabrics are made of 100 percent olefin yarns …

Paiho North America offers cable tubes

Paiho North America IFAI Expo 2013 Booth: 4657 New: Tube for cable management. Advantages: Cable tubes are an economical approach to cable safety compliance. Available in colors designed for specific types of cables for easy identification. Different raw materials or treatments available for various standards and requirements.

Zimmer Austria offers Colaris-NF digital printer

Zimmer Austria IFAI Expo 2013 Booth: 5639 New: Double-sided digital printer for narrow fabrics. Advantages: The Colaris-NF can print up to 70-millimeter widths, using disperse, acid or reactive inks. Capabilities include patterns, images and solid colors on elastics or rigid narrow fabrics at speeds up to 50 meters per minute.

Majilite offers coated PTFE films

Majilite Corp. IFAI Expo 2013 Booth: 5700 New: Coated film. Advantages: Majilite casts on many fabrics and films, even very thin, slippery and stretchable films such as PTFE. These can be coated on both sides. Allows high-tech properties to be included in applications that require durability from fragile films. A pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) can also …

American Plastics supplies Dyneema Fabric

American Plastics IFAI Expo 2013 Booth: 4607 New: Fabric made with Dyneema fibers. The fibers have have been woven into fabric creating a product that can be used for covers for vehicles, outdoor equipment, cut-resistant gloves, sailing and performance apparel. Advantages: With excellent abrasion and fatigue resistance, Dyneema® SK60 has the highest level value of …

Mock woven fabric in mid and light weights

Darlington Fabrics IFAI Expo 2013 Booth: 5239 New: Mock woven fabric in mid and light weights. Advantages: Durable; an excellent alternative to stretch woven fabric.

PHIFER ‘s SunTex 95

PHIFER Inc. IFAI Expo 2013 Booth: 4412 New: Vinyl-coated polyester shade fabric for exterior roller shade applications. Advantages: SunTex 95 is thinner and lighter than traditional SunTex fabrics and is a full basketweave. With a five percent openness factor, SunTex 95 offers increased heat and glare control, stopping about 95 percent of the sun’s rays. …

Paiho North America offers cable wraps

Paiho North America IFAI Expo 2013 Booth: 4657 New: Cable covers that open and close. Advantages: A new, advanced cable cover with a hook-and-loop application, allowing wrap to be opened and closed on demand. Long-lasting wrap offers economical cable safety and management.

Bolger & O’Hearn OdorArmor™

Bolger & O’Hearn IFAI Expo 2013 Booth: 5329 New: Odor-absorbing, growth-inhibiting textile treatment. Advantages: Durable textile effect controls bacterial growth and tenaciously absorbs odors. Textiles treated with OdorArmor absorb and lock in body and environmental odors on contact. The active component of OdorArmor rapidly absorbs odors and locks them into their core structure, while the …

Majilite AeroTekâ„¢ synthetic leather

Majilite Corp. IFAI Expo 2013 Booth: 5700 New: Synthetic leather for aircraft seating. Advantages: AeroTek™ synthetic leather offers more than 50 percent weight reduction over traditional leather without sacrificing luxury, strength and FR requirements. The next generation of aircraft interior seating material.