Student winners: Textile Structures for New Building 2019

October 1, 2019

A student competition for textile structures highlights the Techtextil show—and presages new building technologies. by Marie O’Mahony The Techtextil student competition is now in its fifteenth year, sponsored by Brussels-based TensiNet, which has provided €8,000 in prize money for the winning submissions. In his opening remarks at the show, Professor Stefan Schäfer, chair of the …

Fabric technologies and livable cities in the future

August 1, 2019

Sustainability and biodiversity will be key to livable cities, with new technologies leading the way.  by Marie O’Mahony According to the World Bank, city dwellers accounted for more than half the world’s total population in 2007, while the United Nations (UN) warns that by the middle of this century they will account for two-thirds of …

China is working to increase technical fabric exports

June 1, 2019

by Eugene Gerden The technical textile and industrial fabrics industry in China may receive a massive impetus for further growth this year, thanks to the recently announced plans of leading local producers and the national government, who are working to create a significant increase of exports in this market. At present, China remains the world’s …

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Coming from Russia: Modilen is a new material for medical and sanitary products

April 1, 2019

Russia continues to be active in R&D investments in the field of innovative specialty fabrics and materials. Progress in this area is reflected by some recent industry developments, according to statements by representatives of leading Russian producers of technical textiles, and senior officials of the Ministry of Industry and Trade (a state agency that controls …

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Fabric banners, signage and displays help guide visitors—and are getting smarter all the time.

February 1, 2019

Advances in digital and interactive technologies are heralding a new era in museum graphics, banners and signage, creating opportunities for the printed banner industry from conventional signage printing markets to crossover areas such as interactive displays. A combination of factors is contributing to this: We are seeing incremental improvements as well as new developments in …

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The development of the membrane structure industry in China

December 1, 2018

In past decades, with the rapid development of the Chinese economy, noticeable progress has been made for both theoretical research and practical applications of spatial structures in China. New forms of shell and spatial structures have been used in sports facilities, convention and exhibition centers, hangars, manufacturing plants and warehouses. Membrane structures, with the unique …

Sustainable recycling: from textile waste to chindi rugs

October 1, 2018

In India, the most common meaning for chindi is ‘torn cloth’; encountered either as a waste byproduct in the textile industry (post-industrial) or, more commonly, as the end-of-life residue of fabrics in use in households (post-consumer). For generations, this form of textile waste, torn strips of cloth, has been repurposed as colorful twine for tapestry …

A market overview of developments, successes and standards for electronic fabrics

August 1, 2018

Smart fabrics are still so new to the textile world, relatively speaking, that it’s necessary to start with a working definition. That’s what the first presenter, IFAI’s market research director Jeffrey Rasmussen, did at IFAI’s Smart Fabrics Summit in Washington, D.C. In his overview of the smart fabrics market, Rasmussen said that smart fabrics are …

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Consumers and textile sustainability

June 1, 2018

Consumers around the world are thinking more and more about sustainability, and not just where food is concerned. In fact, thanks to the sustainability efforts in the food industry, consumers are much more aware of and interested in topics like harmful chemicals, third-party certifications and understanding the environmental and social impact of the choices they …

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Fachada Foro Chiapas has a tensile fabric façade that invites spectators

April 1, 2018

An iconic new performance space in southern Mexico demonstrates the ability of tensile fabrics to make a cultural statement—and thrill an audience. The power of suggestion is one of an architect’s most eloquent tools. With a meaningful combination of shape and material, a design can meet physical expectations as well as create the suggestion of …