2018 Exhibitor Product Preview

The August issue of Specialty Fabrics Review will include a look at new products and services to be exhibited at IFAI Expo 2018 in Dallas, Texas, Oct. 15-18.

To participate, exhibitors should fill out the form below and attach a product description or press release for each product (up to 4), as well as a high-res image for each submission.

This submission form is now closed. The deadline was June 1, 2018.
Deadline: June 1, 2018
Exhibitor Product Preview Submissions:

  • (for Expo 2018)
  • Please enter a valid website URL and include http:// (i.e. http://www.companyname.com)
  • Upload your files

    Please include a high-res image (1mb or larger) of your product. Fill out this form and attach any press releases or brochures, in addition to a product image.