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Getting smarter about wearables

February 17, 2021  |  Features

Wristwatches date to the 16th century—and for most of their history, they’ve functioned as a woman’s accessory. (Men stuck with the pocket watch until the early 1900s.) Until recently, the watch served one practical purpose: to tell time. Today, our watches tell us our heart rate, sleep activi…
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Pandemic demand drives shade market

February 1, 2021  |  Features

For many businesses, just keeping the doors open was a challenge in 2020. But for many shade fabricators and manufacturers, as the year progressed, the shade market heated up, and business became surprisingly good. Pandemic-related projects—including those related to the increase in outdoor gather…
New marine vinyl, cooler seating

February 1, 2021  |  Products

Utilizing a change in the pigment, OMNOVA’s CoolComfort™ technology allows heat and light to reflect more optimally off seating upholstery, creating up to a 15-degree F cooler seating experience. This technology can
Monica Stockburger: Tailored solutions

February 1, 2021  |  Features, Perspective

Southcentral Alaska is filled with spectacular natural beauty, hardworking people and an array of fishing boats and other vessels that are often in need of repair. The latter fact creates an opportunity for Monica and Mike Stockburger, owners of the marine fabricator business Salty Cushions in Homer…
Nanomesh sensor developed for human fingers

February 1, 2021  |  Swatches

Japanese scientists have created a pressure-sensitive “skin” for human fingers described as being “much thinner than a human hair.” The ultrathin nanomesh sensor was built by a team led by Sunghoon Lee at the University of Tokyo. According to information from the university, the porous
Renewcell and Tangshan Sanyou to produce Circulose textile-to-textile recycled fibers

February 1, 2021  |  Swatches

Swedish fashion recycling innovator Renewcell has reached an agreement with the leading Chinese viscose manufacturer Tangshan Sanyou to supply 175,000 metric tons of Circulose® dissolving pulp recycled 100 percent from discarded textiles.
New Eisenhower Memorial features metal mesh tapestry

February 1, 2021  |  Fabric Architecture, Markets

In May of 2020, the construction and installation of the memorial for General and U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower was finally finished. It was a process that took more than 15 years of internecine delays and objections put forth by pro- and anti-memorial groups and the descendants of Eisenhower …
Quilted mattress panels

February 1, 2021  |  Products

The Luxe Collection is a line of premium fibers for quilted mattress panels that enhance the feel of a sleep surface with a luxurious layer of support and a high-end silky texture that foam cannot achieve on its own. The collection includes Luxe Bliss, the lightest at 12.5 ounces per square yard (os…
Playground prototype keeps kids cool and safe in Australia heat

February 1, 2021  |  Swatches

Western Sydney University heat research has guided the refurbishment of a playground in the Sydney, Australia, suburb of Cumberland, resulting in a first-of-its-kind UV Smart Cool Playground.
Robotically woven shoe delivers exact specifications

February 1, 2021  |  Swatches