Durability | 2021

Built to endure
Keder Solutions  |  kedersolutions.com  |  +1 314 724 4676

ULTRA Series Vinyl is coated on both sides with a high-gloss white finish, allowing for an easy-to-clean, long-lasting and ultra-white look. Offers durability, UV and mildew protection, and F/R treatment, meeting California Fire Marshal NFPA 701. Available in 19-, 23-, 25-, and 43-oz. weights, for tents and structures, tarps, awnings, signs and banners. 

Smooth and comfortable
Trivantage®  |  trivantage.com  |  800 786 1876

For marine exterior and interior boat seating, Causeway features a polycarbonate-based top coating for ease of cleaning and extended performance. Offers durability, stretch and recovery, color retention, and water and mildew resistance. Available in 16 embossed colors, Causeway comes in marine fabric, Roll-N-Pleat and Foam Back styles. May be paired with matching marine-grade hidem gimp and welt. Sold by the yard and with a 3-year limited warranty.

Diverse uses 
Seaman Corporation  |  seamancorp.com/industrialfabrics   |  +1 330 202 4490

High-performance coated Shelter-Rite® Industrial Fabrics offer strength, durability, flexibility and longevity. Recommended for military, tent, architectural structures, truck tarps and recreation applications. Made in the USA; product customization available. 

Long-lasting aesthetic
Hiraoka Co. Ltd.  |  tarpo-hiraoka.com/en  |  +81 3 3876 5187

Architecturally friendly, PVF212 technical fabric does not experience yellowing or cracking even after many years of outdoor use. Includes DuPont Tedlar® film, which, when compared with other surface protection coatings, can better resist UV and acid rain, prevent dust buildup, as well as keep its thickness, color and gloss for a longer time. For air domes, roof structures and tension structures. 

Time-saving accessory
Fabric Ingenuity  |  fabricingenuity.com   |  +1 336 380 5939

The Silicone Overlay Sheet 48″ x 63″ PN-SGS 100-0002 is highly temperature resistant and will not melt in the Sunbrella® Graphics System (SGS) machine. Durable and flexible, the sheet provides a vacuum seal while allowing the machine operator to easily inspect graphics underneath to avoid wrinkles in fabric and film. Transfer and masking tapes used in the SGS process will not adhere to the sheet.

Temperature tolerant
Storch International Inc.  |  storchinternational.com  |  +1 608 833 8222

Offering a decorative appeal for window coverings and solar shading, Apagon Blackout utilizes a woven fiberglass base-cloth with a PVC-laminated blackout backing. This combination offers a high tolerance to extreme temperatures and direct sun without discoloring, cracking, peeling or pin-holing. Other features include acoustical properties, dimensional stability, GreenGuard, antimicrobial/fungal and fire retardant. The XPF version is printable in ultra-high definition with a matte high-end finish. 




Conductive solution
Swift Textile Metalizing  |  swift-textile.com  |  +1 860 243 1122

Flexible or elastic conductive material EnCap® Metalized Fabrics are cost effective, durable and lightweight. The process encapsulates the base fiber with pure metal ionically bonded to a substrate as light as a 15 denier 0.3 oz/yd2 knit mesh without altering the mechanical properties of the base fabric. Recommended anywhere corrosion and mechanical stress may affect performance. For medical, industrial, telecommunications, architectural, aerospace, defense and electronics.


Tough and lightweight: SAM2®
MMI Textiles  |  mmitextiles.com  |  +1 440 899 8050 

SAM2® is made of 86% nylon and 14% spandex and weighs 4.3 oz. The Berry-compliant stretch woven fabric is recommended for commercial/apparel and military/tactical outer shell end uses. With inherent abrasion resistance, the fabric is durable, lightweight, breathable, and wind and water resistant. Available in various solid military colors, the fabric is made in the USA and sold by the roll.

For extreme conditions
E2 Technical Textiles  |  e2techtextiles.com  |  +1 908 249 4376

XtrmPly PE Alloy 20 is an alternative to PVC-reinforced products for uses such as turbidity curtains, liners and berms. The composite reinforced product offers flexibility in cold temperatures and excellent lay flat properties. Specially formulated for high resistance to chemicals, the product is reinforced with a durable polyester scrim and is 30% lighter weight than same thickness PVC-coated fabric.

Available in multiple colors, TPU 1001 PFR is a TPU-coated woven nylon fabric for use in air inflatable and soft wall shelters. The fabric is lightweight, waterproof, UV resistant, flame retardant and easy to clean. The TPU coating incorporates antimicrobial performance while maintaining abrasion resistance. Unlike many PVC-coated products, this fabric has no plasticizers to migrate to the surface and attract dirt, dust and airborne pollen. 

The ERcoat Series of EIA/KEE are reinforced with tightly woven ballistic-grade fabrics utilizing breakthrough polymer blending to create a strong reinforced EIA copolymer. The fabrics are resistant to extreme weather conditions, chemicals, abrasions and punctures, with high UV stability. Recommended for primary and secondary containment, air and liquid containment and flexible tank applications. All E2 products listed here may be wedge, hot air and RF/high frequency welded. 

Tough and lightweight: SAM1®
MMI Textiles  |  mmitextiles.com  |  +1 440 899 8050 

For outerwear and military/tactical gear, SAM1® is a performance apparel fabric that is tough, durable, lightweight, and wind and water resistant. With inherent abrasion resistance, the Berry-compliant fabric is made of nylon and spandex and weighs 7.2 oz. Available in various solid military colors, this is a stock product made in the USA and sold by the roll.