Working innovation: all successful companies innovate to grow, but each approach is unique

January 1st, 2019

If there were a formula for writing a hit song, we could all do it. Efforts have certainly been made to figure out just what’s required to reach the top of the charts, but there simply isn’t a single defined path that can be taken to ensure musical success. In manufacturing, businesses that look to […]

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Investing in green practices in the industrial fabrics industry

October 16th, 2018

On October 15 during IFAI Expo 2018’s Pre-Expo Conference in Dallas, Texas, a panel of three speakers presented an educational session on green practices in the industrial fabrics industry. Panel presenters included Ryan Derrick, business unit manager at Rainier Industries; Vince Hankins, director of industrial markets for Sunbrella; and Bimal Kad, president and CEO of […]

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