Non-rusting grommets

February 1st, 2020

Venmark International Keeping your products in front of the World ClipsShop® Self-Piercing Grommet Sets include grommets and washers made from non-rusting solid brass to withstand rain and the elements. The heavy-duty solid brass rust-proof grommets and washers come in a variety of sizes and finishes for use in privacy screens, wind screens, sunscreens and related […]

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Self-piercing grommets

June 1st, 2019

ClipsShop® Self-Piercing Grommet Sets are made from solid brass and feature gripping teeth on the washers that provide extra holding power for a wide range of industrial applications subjected to constant tension, such as awnings, sails, banners, privacy screens, tarpaulins, tents and truck covers. The gripping teeth are ideally suited for multiple layers and thicker […]

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