Seismic-reinforced concrete

January 1st, 2018

What material could help buildings stand up to earthquakes? Fiber, of course. Researchers at the University of British Columbia have developed concrete reinforced with fiber that can withstand earthquake simulation tests. The material, called eco-friendly ductile cementitious composite (EDCC), is engineered at the molecular level to be strong yet malleable. When applied as a thin […]

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WIRAND® fibers eliminate need for steel reinforcement

August 1st, 2008

Problem: Placing typical steel reinforcement in concrete slab-on-grade industrial, commercial and high-performance floors takes time and is difficult to conform to construction drawings. Solution: WIRAND® fibers are produced with low-carbon steel wire with high-tensile strength. Introducing WIRAND fibers into the concrete mix eliminates the need for common steel reinforcement, adds additional reinforcement and achieves better […]

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Students use eggs as inspiration for inflatable concrete shelters

June 1st, 2008

Two engineering students competing in a British Cement Association competition to find new uses for cement based their entry, an inflatable concrete shelter for refugee relief, on meditations about the compressive strength of an eggshell. “We came up with the two critical components of concrete canvas,” say Peter Brewin and Will Crawford, who met at […]

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