Inflatable textile art shown by Dior in Paris

May 1st, 2023

The inflatable artwork, containing 25 components, was produced in collaboration with Dior, Paris. It is made of 20 different Dior fabrics, woolen crochet, ornamentation, LEDs, and polyester. It measures 24 meters by 21 meters by 6.8 meters (78.7 feet by 68.9 feet by 22 feet) and weighs more than a ton. Photos: © Lionel Balteiro […]

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Dior unveils its 3D-printed shoes

April 1st, 2023

French fashion designer Dior has jumped into the innovative footwear space with its newly launched 3D-printed shoes. The launch, which includes a Derby and a boot, has been realized under the direction of Dior Menswear artistic director Kim Jones and head men’s footwear designer Thibo Denis. While 3D printing has been in designers’ sights for […]

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