Circular footwear

July 25th, 2023

Photo: Chris DeStefano/Royal DSM Fashion for Good launches new pilot with brand partners adidas, Inditex, Target and Zalando, and footwear recycling innovator FastFeetGrinded to test and validate the innovative footwear recycling process to support the uptake of recycled content in footwear, driving the change towards a more circular footwear industry.  Globally, 24 billion shoes are […]

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Fashion for Good launches D(R)YE Factory of the Future project

January 21st, 2022

Fashion for Good has launched the D(R)YE Factory of the Future, a new consortium project that brings together several innovations in textile pre-treatment and coloration, that are set to accelerate the shift from wet to mostly dry processing. Textile processing is responsible for the highest greenhouse gas emissions, significant water and chemical use in the […]

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sustainable cotton

Fashion for Good launches cotton farming pilot project

May 1st, 2021

A hydroponic cotton facility. Materra’s approach to cotton farming combines precision agriculture and controlled environments to create radically resource-efficient cotton farms. Photo: Materra. Cotton makes up nearly 30 percent of global textile production, and accounts for 24 percent of global insecticide use, according to Fashion for Good, a global initiative to spark and scale innovation […]

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