Hybrid Air Vehicles plans passenger transportation

December 1st, 2021

British manufacturer Hybrid Air Vehicles Ltd. (HAV) has announced that it plans to have its Airlander 10 ready for passenger transportation in 2025. Billed as the “world’s largest aircraft,” the exterior looks like a very large airship, but the inside more closely resembles a first-class ferry, with spacious and comfortable seating for 100 passengers, all […]

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IFAI Expo: 1960-1969

May 1st, 2020

The present and future of synthetic fabrics By Sy Hyman, President, Herculite Protective Fabrics Corp., Newark, New Jersey From his presentation at the 1964 CPAI Annual Convention, Kansas City During those early years around 1955, not all synthetic fabrics failed. Many installations did work well. Almost the entire protective covering industry reacted to the sounds […]

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Peak performance lava gear

February 1st, 2020

Protective gear made for research work at volcanoes combines movable, breathable fabric with flame-resistant Kevlar®. Photo: University of Missouri. What does one wear when working on an active volcano near lava ranging from 1,300 to 2,000° F? It’s a real dilemma for volcanologists—geologists who study the formation and eruptive activity of volcanoes. Alan Whittington, chair […]

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Parachute system ensures safe landings for astronauts

December 1st, 2018

What does it take to get astronauts home safely from a deep-space mission as their crew module hits the earth’s atmosphere and slows from 20,000 mph to a mere 325 mph? A strong, agile parachute system. NASA has been testing such a system for the Orion spacecraft. It consists of 11 parachutes, including three main […]

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Flame-resistant fabrics

October 1st, 2016

New additions to the Resilience® line of flame-resistant fabrics feature cotton blended with high-tenacity nylon or Kevlar® for increased durability. Arapaho R is a 7.5-oz. cotton, nylon and Kevlar blend recommended for industries requiring flame-resistant garments that can stand up to intense wear and tear. Hopi N2X and Navajo N2X fabrics are cotton blends with 25 […]

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