Use market data to make sense of the moment

November 5th, 2020

The attacks on 9-11 forever changed how we look at security. The 2008 economic collapse forever changed how we look at finances. And the 2020 pandemic will forever change how we look at hygiene. Amanda Schneider, founder of ThinkLab, the market research division of Interior Design and a SANDOW® brand, told attendees of IFAI Virtual […]

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2019 State of the Industry

March 1st, 2019

Economic growth in 2018 increased in the United States: Gross Domestic Product (GDP) reached 3.0 percent for the first time since 2005. Unfortunately, growth has been down in other advanced economies such as Canada, Japan and Europe. Growth in the emerging economy of China was also down in 2018—reaching 6.6 percent. China’s GDP is projected […]

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Marketing to millennials

December 1st, 2017

Take two ideas and put them together to make one new idea. After all, what is a Snuggie but a mutation of a blanket and a robe? ~Jim Kukral For years now, I’ve been endearing myself in meetings with manufacturers by asking questions like: “So when will there be an awning that is delivered by […]

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Smart fabric markets show steady growth

October 7th, 2015

IFAI’s market research manager Jeff Rasmussen says that the worldwide smart fabrics market is growing at an annual rate of about 8 percent from about $984 million in 2011 to a projected $1.9 million in 2015. Rasmussen’s presentation on “Current Developments in the Smart and Interactive Fabrics Market” spoke Wednesday morning at IFAI’s Advanced Textiles […]

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