No one way to break into the military market

November 1st, 2021

One of the keys to success in the military market is keeping up with the methods and technology being used by warfighters. Photo: Stratus Support Industries. There is a lot of competition out there—and if your products aren’t solving problems or saving the customer money, it can be very difficult, says Nate Smith, founder of […]

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Protective clothing conference

May 4th, 2021

German textile testing, certification and research company Hohenstein will host the 9th European Conference on Protective Clothing (ECPC) May 10-12, 2021, in Stuttgart, Germany. The conference may also be live-streamed.  The ECPC conference is a platform to exchange and discuss research and project development for personal protective equipment (PPE). It aims to foster cooperation and networking between […]

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New standard makes protective apparel safer

March 1st, 2020

by Glenna B. Musante Improving safety apparel for workers operating in hazardous situations is a constant focus of the textile industry, but it is a task not always easily accomplished. Hazardous materials professionals can be exposed to any number of chemical, biological and flammable materials in the same environment, according to The Institute of Hazardous […]

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Powering fabrics to keep soldiers warm

December 1st, 2017

Soldiers stationed in the arctic know that it’s a challenge to stay warm while executing their duties in the frigid weather. Protective clothing is often bulky and makes it difficult to maneuver, and wearers often become overheated and sweaty. A group of scientists at the U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research, Development & Engineering Center is […]

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