Mobile ad hoc network-enabled stratospheric balloons could support rapid response

May 1st, 2021

A constellation of stratospheric balloons, airborne and ground-based networking devices and tracking antenna has applications for the recovery of downed pilots and operations in GPS-denied environments, according to Adrien Robenhymer, vice president of business development for Air Force and Intelligence Community at Persistent Systems LLC. Photo: Raven Aerostar. Persistent Systems LLC of New York City, […]

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Loon sets new flight record for its stratospheric balloons

February 1st, 2021

Loon launches balloons nearly every week, and as of late 2020, its fleet size was close to 100 flight systems aloft worldwide. Photos: Loon LLC. Loon LLC, the organization dedicated to bringing internet access to remote locations via high-altitude balloons, set a new flight-duration record in 2020 of 312 days.  Salvatore Candido, Loon chief technology […]

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Set a course: the aerospace market

July 1st, 2019

As NASA sets a course for Mars and a return to the moon, and private companies engage in a new space race, textile companies navigate the aerospace market with high-performance fabrics and products designed for the next frontier. by Amy Goetzman When does a single lemon cost $2,000? When it’s in space. NASA reports that […]

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