Using the sun’s power to empower women

March 1st, 2022

Women working on a solar-powered loom can produce many times more fabric than a conventionally powered loom. Greenwear Fashion, based in Lucknow, India, is taking sustainability to the next level with help from the sun. The company spins its yarn on solar charkhas or spinning wheels, weaves fabrics on solar looms and stitches garments on […]

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Going solar with Tommy Hilfiger

October 1st, 2018

Most people have had this experience: You are out in public and suddenly realize your smart phone battery desperately needs recharging, but there is nowhere to plug it in. Pvilion, a Brooklyn-based designer and manufacturer of flexible PV solar structures, and designer Tommy Hilfiger have collaborated to develop a solar-powered tote and clutch that provides […]

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