Sweater knitted with a plant-based biopolymer

February 1st, 2021

Japanese technical apparel brand Goldwin Inc. and biomaterial innovator Spiber Inc. have created what the companies call the world’s first knitted garment made with Brewed Protein™, a biopolymer created from a plant-based microbial fermentation process. Named simply “The Sweater,” it is the partnership’s first Brewed Protein garment brought to market in the U.S. It was […]

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Biopolymers: a green alternative to plastic textiles

December 1st, 2019

Bio-based materials are an increasingly desirable (and versatile) base for textiles in a variety of markets. by Debra Cobb Within global manufacturing’s quest to become more sustainable, biopolymers are becoming an increasingly important area of development. Polymers are the chains of monomers, or building blocks, that make up many materials, including textile fibers. Biopolymers—created from […]

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