Activewear eliminates sweat with volcanic sand

January 1st, 2024

A model wearing the Level Tech Tee with embedded thermoregulating technology in the color Burgundy Heather. Image: Fourlaps Boulder, Colo.-based company 37.5® Technology has harnessed particles of volcanic minerals and activated carbon from coconuts to create thermoregulating fabrics used in athleisure wear. Clothing brands such as Janji and Fourlaps have incorporated this technology into their […]

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Anti-stink athletic wear

November 1st, 2019

Patent-pending in 120 countries, Prema™ fabric combines super-soft cotton with an eco-friendly anti-stink technology for workout wear that stays clean and fresh. Photo: Accel Lifestyle. Your daily exercise routine doesn’t have to include smelly T-shirts: That’s the idea behind a new line of exercise gear designed to be anti-stink and pro-environment. Launched by Megan Eddings, […]

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