A 4,000-square foot installation hits the road

June 1st, 2008

When Time Warner’s Home to the Future exhibit in New York City proved a smashing success, the company asked the project’s designers, NYC’s ESI Design, to find a way to take the 4,000-square foot installation on the road. ESI came up with the Time Warner Home to the Future Mobile, which traveled to 12 of […]

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Miller Weldmaster takes its show on the road

May 1st, 2008

Miller Weldmaster, a Navarre, Ohio, manufacturer of hot air/hot wedge welding equipment for industrial fabrics and thermoplastics, landed customers during its frequent trade show appearances. The nagging thought persisted, however, that many customers expressed enthusiasm without following up. How could the company get its impressive equipment in front of customers too busy, preoccupied or overwhelmed […]

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