Microbe-reducing fabric

November 1st, 2020

Inner Mettle’s IM ViroBac copper-integrated fabric was developed to reduce microbial threats on touch surfaces within a commercial environment. The fabric is suitable for a wide range of commercial applications, such as seating on public transport, bedding used for medical facilities or uniforms for hospitality. Thanks to its versatility, the soft fabric can also be […]

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Solution-dyed nylon fabrics meet military specifications

June 1st, 2008

Problem: Soldiers deployed in hostile territory want to maintain concealment, and fabrics that don’t hold camouflage color or reflect a visible near-infrared (NIR) signature put them at greater risk. Solution: To enhance concealment, the exact color and NIR signature are permanently built into solution-dyed nylon CORDURA® fabrics using nano- and micro-sized particles. CORDURA fabrics provide […]

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