In 2012, on IFAI’s 100th anniversary, we inaugurated a new tradition: the ShowStoppers awards. We wanted to recognize the best of the best new products from our IFAI Specialty Fabrics Expo and the Advanced Textiles Conference & Trade Show exhibitors: the newest, the coolest; the most pragmatic and the most innovative; the most effective and the most efficient; the most economical and the most environmentally sound.

The new products and services entered by our exhibitors into the ShowStoppers competition are displayed here (those that submitted before the September issue deadline), and will also be displayed on the show floor. After you have had a chance to look through this year’s entries and visit the exhibitors on the show floor, we'll ask you to vote for your favorites—and help us recognize this year’s winners. The awards were presented on Oct. 24 on the show floor.

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  • Easy-to-use software can help develop your business

    How do you show customers what their outdoor living spaces will look like before they make a purchasing decision? Do you provide them with a hand-drawn sketch? Or, do you use CAD software to produce a rough image of the end-product? Both of these options might give customers a basic idea of what their space will look like, but they are time consuming and sometimes don't convey an accurate image of the finished product. With Canvas Link Awning Composer available from Tri Vantage, you can use a real picture of a customer's home or building and effectively create a realistic and dynamic 3-D image of an outdoor living space.

    Awning Composer is an easy-to-use computer software program that allows you to design 3-D awning models and superimpose them onto digital images of a customer's home or building.

    Simply take a digital picture of a customer's home or building exterior and import it into the program. Using the program's built-in awning styles and templates, you can create, size, rotate and move objects such as awnings, casual furniture or fabric structures in any direction to fit a house or building. This gives you the ability to show your customers what awnings and other structures will really look like.

    To view the complete list of FAQs and get more information about Awning Composer, click here.

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