New benchtop spectrophotometers

September 20, 2021  |  Products

Datacolor’s two new close-tolerance benchtop spectrophotometers are designed for high efficiency and confidence in color formulation and quality control.
PVC-free wall protection

September 13, 2021  |  Products

Wolf-Gordon’s RAMPART® Resolve™ line of flexible, impact-resistant wall protection now includes PVC-free options constructed of an olefin composite material engineered to meet the demands of high-traffic areas.
Improved UV inks for flatbed printers

September 6, 2021  |  Products

Mutoh America’s PJUVG5CMYK+W UV inks now stretch up to 260 percent and have up to two years outdoor durability without lamination, (media and environment dependent), extending their capabilities.
Affordable, luxurious upholstery textiles

August 30, 2021  |  Products

Designtex’s newest products, Gather, Layer, and Lounge, are a trio of budget-friendly textiles that play well alone or together. Gather is a textured solid upholstery available in nine colors.
Compact digital scanning printer

August 24, 2021  |  Products

The new industrial entry-level EFI™ Reggiani Blaze digital textile scanning printer is an easy-to-use compact solution for efficient, sustainable industrial inkjet printing.
New update to FEA design software

August 16, 2021  |  Products

MPanel Software Solutions has updated its MPanel FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to meet the changing needs of fabricators and ensure the program works with the latest design software. The updated software is an additional module that allows a user to analyze MPanel 3D models for reactions due to envi…
Nontoxic textile treatment from shellfish

August 9, 2021  |  Products

Tidal Vision has introduced Tidal-Tex, a water-based chitosan solution for curing, spraying, dipping and compositing with other materials to provide antimicrobial and fire-retardant properties to textiles.
Bio-based laminate membrane for waterproofing

August 2, 2021  |  Products

HDry is an advanced technology for waterproofing outdoor products through direct 3D lamination of a waterproof-breathable membrane. The HDry compound is made by a polyurethane ester-based waterproof-breathable membrane combined with thin polyester knit.