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A foldable bike helmet for safer cycling

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Made to tolerate multiple impacts, the Hedkayse One withstood more than 100 high-speed impacts in laboratory tests. Photo: Hedkayse.

It’s foldable, it’s lightweight and it can take multiple impacts. That’s the beauty of a bike helmet made with a specially designed flexible material. The Hedkayse One was developed by Tony Walker and Andy Creak, two university friends who started their U.K. company Hedkayse to build a better bike helmet—one that could take a beating and continue to protect the wearer. 

A typical helmet made from expanded polystyrene (EPS) protects upon impact, but it can crack or shatter while absorbing the hit, rendering it useless. Hedkayse One is made of Enkayse, a unique proprietary multi-impact liner material that works like memory foam. It takes the impact, dissipating energy rather than deforming, so it can expand back to its original shape. 

Tough enough to conform to the European EN1078 safety standard, Hedkayse One’s outer shell is made of engineered rip-proof military grade nylon to keep it strong and easily washable. Coming in at about one pound, the single-size helmet adjusts easily with a Velcro™ strap to fit head sizes from 19 to 22 inches. A patented quick-release adjustable ratchet chinstrap makes it easy to remove in any conditions.

Available in five colors, the helmet also features a patented folding design that reduces its width by 50 percent, and comes with a bag and wrap strap that keeps it flattened and easy to store. For more information, visit

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