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Trivantage supports commercial and retail businesses in reopening

Company News | July 16, 2020 | By:

As the U.S. begins the process of reopening against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, Trivantage® has been working closely with its customers to supplement the demand for raw materials that might be used for personal protective equipment, including a demand for commercial/retail PPE inputs.

“Safety is paramount, and our partners have stepped up to the plate,” says Bret Kelley, vice president of sales. “While we always strive to meet the needs of fabricators and manufacturers, we’re rethinking product applications to protect business owners, their employees and their guests throughout the country.”

When the pandemic arrived in the U.S., Trivantage worked within the healthcare community to source materials to produce face shields and gowns, as well as testing other Trivantage and Glen Raven products for gown applications. That effort led to the launch of The Need for PPE, a dedicated page detailing the materials and patterns used to make PPE.

Trivantage is poised to support new PPE efforts as the country moves into an environment where restrictions are lifted and has launched New Day, New Solutions, a dedicated page detailing the demand for commercial/retail PPE and traditional shade, marine, furniture and industrial fabrication opportunities.

“Our partners have retooled operations to supply important safety products and personal protective equipment, including face masks, face shields, hand protection and now clear partitions, barrier curtains, tents and temporary structures,” Kelley says.

Trivantage materials that can provide necessary inputs for protection during a time of social distancing include:

Partition Inputs

Materials like clear vinyl and polycarbonate, Steel Stich hardware, awning rail, marine track and more may be used in the creation of partitions for restaurants, retail, salons, gyms and shared workspaces.

Barrier Curtain Inputs

Duratrack, clear vinyl, Serge Ferrari Soltis Proof Vivo and Hydrofend fabrics may be appropriate for use in creating barrier curtains for public transportation environments, work vehicles, golf carts, medical offices and auto dealers.

Tent and Temporary Structure Inputs

Renter’s Choice, Architent, ShowTime II and other materials may be used as inputs for tents and temporary structures that can function as triage and pop-up structures for medical care needs.

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