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Gerber celebrates 30 years of innovation in Portugal

Company News | August 12, 2020 | By:

Gerber Technology is celebrating 30 years of customer experience, innovation and growth through its European headquarters in Portugal. Since 1990, Portugal has been the European headquarters for the global leader of integrated manufacturing platforms and currently services more than 4,000 customers across the region. In that time, Gerber has heavily invested in its industry-leading technologies, developed the Milan Innovation Center and completely reinvented itself for the digital age. Gerber’s success in Europe is largely due to its diverse customer base who are leading the industry by leveraging the most cutting-edge innovations.

Over the last few decades, the Portuguese apparel industry has been able to thoroughly review its strategy and has recently experienced sustainable growth as a result. Gerber has invested heavily in 2D/3D CAD, PLM and digital cutting which has helped European brand, manufacturers and retailers differentiate themselves. By leveraging Gerber’s solution, European Gerber customers have increased the interest of global brands, particularly those in the luxury sector, which require more sophisticated and innovative products.

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