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ETS-Lindgren and V Technical Textiles partner to expand RF shielding solutions

Company News | October 13, 2020 | By:

ETS-Lindgren has announced a formal partnership agreement with V Technical Textiles Inc. to support the companies’ complementary product lines on specialty projects.

ETS-Lindgren is a turn-key provider of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test and measurement solutions, including radio frequency (RF) shielded enclosures fabricated with a rigid steel panel construction. V Technical Textiles is known for its RF shielded enclosures fabricated with a flexible, fabric construction.

The goal of the partnership is to offer the convenience of a turn-key EMC test and measurement solution with RF shielding systems designed to meet customer-driven requirements. The partnership agreement includes shielded enclosures, portable shielded enclosures, and new disruptive technology integrating state-of-the-art combinations of rigid and flexible shielding materials tailored to custom requirements.

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