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Rose Brand fabricates a relaxation spot amid an experiential playground

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The Sanctuary within the Area 15 experiential playground complex is available for events and ceremonies, and is open to the public when not in use. Photo: Area 15.

Las Vegas’ Area 15 opened to the public in September 2020, featuring all the neon and fanfare one would expect from an immersive entertainment complex a few miles from The Strip.

But planners also set aside a spot for relaxation called The Sanctuary—a space designed by Elora Hardy and her architecture and design firm, IBUKU. The Sanctuary is a 1,900-square-foot circular area built with bamboo sourced from the mountains and valleys of Java and Bali. The space is defined by a “tent” fabricated by staging experts Rose Brand of Secaucus, N.J. 

Rose Brand sent five team members, including stitchers, installers and a project manager, on-site for three days to fabricate and install the tent. The project uses Rose Brand’s Xnet fabric, a sturdy and stable 1/8-inch square polyester netting that is colorfast and UV resistant, making it great for lighting effects indoors or out, according to Rose Brand marketing director Louis Peter. The fabric was chosen to meet a number of unique requirements, he adds. Because there are sprinklers above the space, the local fire marshal specified that the fabric needed to be 70 percent open to allow water to permeate through the structure in case of fire. The fabric also needed to be both sturdy and flexible because it attaches to the structure only at the center and at the fabric’s undulating outer edge.  

“We built the tent structure in eight pie-shaped pieces and then draped and finished it on-site to both get the undulation just right and to attach the fabric to its unique supporting structure,” Peter says. For more, visit

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