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Durable EMI shielding textile

Products | March 4, 2021 | By:

A military command center in Afghanistan. The Shelter-Rite® RF shielding material can be used to fabricate a variety of products, including military tents. Photo: Seaman Corp.

Designed for the electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding market, Shelter-Rite® RF products offer technologically advanced safety and security in situations that require a rugged and robust RF-shielded material. With a high level of durability and security for the end user, the textile is a result of a partnership between Seaman Corp. of Wooster, Ohio, and V Technical Textiles of Newark, N.Y.

Especially recommended for situations where weather and moisture are factors, textile applications include portable outdoor RF shelters for military, RF curtains, aerospace cleanrooms, automotive test chambers and fabric-based access doors. The material can also be used as a shielding solution covering the exterior surface of an existing architectural structure. The metalized textile is UV, puncture and tear resistant. 

This high-performance PVC-coated textile allows for the use of the thin RF-shielding materials in environments where they previously were unable to be used. “Seaman Corporation has manufactured durable performance textiles that offer peace of mind to end-users for decades,” says Evan Stoll, industrial fabrics application engineer for Seaman Corp. “The addition of EMI shielding to our product lineup expands our ability to offer safety and security to our customers.”

Seaman Corp. and V Technical Textiles Inc.

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