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Alternatives to mattress foam

Products | March 22, 2021 | By:

As mattress manufacturers grapple with industry-wide foam shortages, Precision Textiles fiber products can be used in a mattress’s top comfort layer as well as an alternative to firmer foams that support spring units. Using a combination of both can result in a reduction of foam up to five inches, reducing bedding manufacturers’ reliance on the volatile raw material without sacrificing the feel of the mattress.

Precision Textiles Vertically Lapped Densified Eco-Pad

Engineered to perform as a foam alternative, Ecoloft high-quality quilting fiber, Ecoloft Lux, which combines down alternative pillow fill with bicomponent polyester, and its line of Vertically Lapped Densified Eco-Pads, formulated to maintain indentation load deflection longer than conventional fiber pads, provide the necessary “spring back” and support that foam products offer.

Precision Textiles

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