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From shelters to suits, Taiyo Kogyo meets pandemic needs

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Taiyo Kogyo’s Mak Quick Shelter has been enhanced with negative pressurization to contain viruses, and its Medicon suit protects wearers from viruses in health-care settings while keeping them comfortable. Photos: Taiyo Kogyo Corp.

Efforts to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus pandemic continue worldwide, with companies developing all kinds of innovative medical protective products to fight COVID-19. 

Taiyo Kogyo Corp. of Osaka, Japan, has been a provider of tensile membrane structures around the world for more than 90 years. In response to the spread of COVID-19, the company branched out of its existing product line to develop the Medicon suit, a reusable suit that serves as personal protective equipment (PPE) in health-care settings, offering the wearer protection from viruses and bacteria. Made of PVC, with clear PVC for the face, the suit is air inflated with portable fans equipped with HEPA filters. The airflow within the suit maintains comfort for the wearer. Made with durable material and high welding techniques, the suit can be cleaned and sanitized for repeated use. The cleaning can be done either by the user or via Taiyo Kogyo’s cleaning service, with facilities throughout Japan. The protective suit is offered in versions for health-care workers and for family members visiting a loved one in a hospital.  

The company has also enhanced its air-inflated shelters with negative pressurization to contain viruses and other contaminants. The Mak Quick Shelter is a hybrid air tent that utilizes multiple individual air beams and intersecting connecting fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) rods. The shelter’s double tube air beams consist of an inner tube that functions as an insulation barrier, while the outer tube protects against external damage. The shelter is quick to inflate and compact to store. These structures have assisted hospitals and clinics in expanding their capacities. Other new innovations from Taiyo Kogyo include privacy partitions for community emergency shelters and large air-inflated disinfectant showers for vehicles.

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