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Digital textile printing market outlook

Industry News, News | June 7, 2021 | By:

According to a report by, the global market for digital textile printing is projected to reach a revised US$3 billion by the year 2027 after a US$ 230 million erosion in market value in the year 2020.

In the post COVID-19 period, the versatile benefits of digital textile printing over conventional printing methods will help bring back growth opportunities. Digital printing offers a number of benefits over traditional printing such as efficient set-up as well as speed, cost-effectiveness, shorter lead times, customization options, cost reduction and flexibility. It also offers designers with unlimited opportunity to create colored textiles.

Increasing desire of larger brands and retailers to cut down risk is driving growth in the digital textile printing market. Typically, retailers and big brands invest in 10-20 designs, particularly for home decor and fashion products, which can generate interest among buyers during a specific season.

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