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Tidal Vision announces facility opening and partnership with Leigh Fibers

Company News, News | July 2, 2021 | By:

Tidal Vision has announced a new partnership with Leigh Fibers and the opening of a new production facility in Wellford, S.C. These steps will help to ensure the textile industry has access to sustainable bio-based tex​tile treatments that displace millions of pounds of chemical treatments used in the textile industry.

The opening of Tidal Vision’s new 24,000 square foot facility within Leigh Fiber’s 1,000,000 square foot headquarters provides for economies of scale in the heart of the U.S. textile industry. The facility delivers Tidal-Tex chitosan solutions at a lower cost than the traditionally used synthetic chemical textile treatments. This shift in cost and availability of environmentally friendly bio-based textile treatments will empower textile companies to displace toxic chemical treatments without compromise.

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