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Flylow Gear apparel features Ionic+ antimicrobial treatment

Company News, News | August 4, 2021 | By:

Noble Biomaterials, a creator of advanced antimicrobial systems, has announced that Ionic+™ fabric treatment is now the sole antimicrobial for Flylow Gear, the independent, homegrown and mountain-raised creators of outerwear and apparel.

Ionic+ is uniquely positioned in the marketplace with antimicrobial treatments in both yarn and fabric, using silver ion technology to inhibit the growth of microbes and odor-causing bacteria on fabric.

In 2021, Noble Biomaterials launched Ionic+ Durable, a self-cleaning, silver-based antimicrobial treatment that fights bacteria and other microbes that accumulate on the surface of fabrics. Less odor-causing bacteria allows active users to wash less and extend the life of products by reducing the number of times garments need to be washed. Ionic+ has become widely adopted in the outdoor, sport and athleisure markets, while its proliferation continues in healthcare and medical applications.  

The new Flylow Gear with Ionic+ will be available in 2022 via as well as other outdoor retailers.

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