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User-friendly ‘Photoshop for textiles’

Swatches | January 1, 2022 | By:

Byborre Create, linked to a library of suppliers and manufacturers, lets users see colors, graphics, textile properties and more long before the manufacturing phase. Photos: Byborre.

Dutch textile maker Byborre has created a digital tool that allows anyone to design complex 3D-knittes fabrics. Dubbed Byborre Create, the tool is being called “Photoshop for textiles” because of its user-friendly platform that offers free access to pioneering textile technology.

Create was designed to bring more transparency to textile production and reduce the amount of waste in the industry. Because 80 percent of the environmental footprint of textile is set in stone during the design process, Create gives designers control over the function, aesthetics and impact their textile has on our planet. Importantly, the platform lets designers see exactly what the colors will look like in the finished product. 

Whether it’s UV protection, odor resistance or durability, each textile can have different properties. The user defines the functionality that the textile needs for their product. 

Create is linked to a library of material suppliers and textile manufacturers, so designers can find the right partners to responsibly produce their designs.

Byborre founder Borre Akkersdijk said his aim is to democratize responsible textile development. Currently users must be approved by Byborre, although the company plans to open up access to anyone who wants to use the technology.

Create was named product of the year at the Dutch Design Awards 2021. “Byborre Create makes clear that an intrinsic problem in textile production can be solved,” noted judges, “while at the same time paving the way for greater innovation.”

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