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Kelheim Fibres publishes sustainability report

Company News, Industry News, News | January 12, 2022 | By:

Kelheim Fibres, a manufacturer of viscose specialty fibers, has published its first Sustainability Report.

Sustainability Manager Timo Thunitgut said he is very pleased to have reached this milestone. “Credibility and trust are based on transparency,” he said. “Our Sustainability Report according to the framework of the UN Global Compact follows these principles and presents our actions fully transparently. It shows how we as a company live up to our responsibility for people and the environment; it reveals our contribution to combatting one of the biggest global problems of our time— the increasing waste problem caused by disposable plastic products—with our biodegradable fibers.”

As part of their EMAS certification, the Bavarians have already been publishing an annual environmental statement since 2020, in which all relevant environmental data are available to the public. The Sustainability Report, which will also be published annually, goes one step further here—it covers not only the company’s environmental performance, but also Corporate Social Responsibility as a whole.

Following this approach, the fiber experts have also created a new structure internally, which gives even more weight to the area of CSR. In the future, all sustainability topics will be centrally integrated in the new CSR department (formerly HSE, Health, Safety & Environment) under the leadership of Wolfgang Ott.

“Responsible corporate behavior is and will increasingly become a relevant competitive differentiator,” Ott said. “By bundling all CSR aspects in one department, our CSR performance, a topic that has been firmly anchored in our philosophy for years, will gain even more visibility and impact.”

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