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DNA markers key to tracing recycled fibers

Swatches | March 1, 2022 | By:

A display showing various types of recycled fibers with DNA marking. Photo: Soorty.

As circularity begins to take prominence in the textile world, a traceable supply chain is becoming the marker of companies serious about sustainability. Mills are seeking solutions to trace recycled fibers. Pakistan-based denim manufacturer Soorty has partnered with the Swiss technology company Haelixa to make the process more transparent. Haelixa provides a DNA marker that allows tracing from virgin or recycled fiber to finished garment. Haelixa’s solution can physically mark, trace and authenticate products from producer to retail, creating transparency along the entire supply chain. 

The marker is applied to textile waste before mechanical recycling takes place in the spinning mill in Pakistan. Spot checks are made with the intermediate products and the final garments are tested to prove that the products indeed contain the recycled cotton.

“With recycling becoming a major trend, there is also an alarming number of unsubstantiated claims related to the use of recycled fiber in garments,” said Michela Puddu, Haelixa co-founder and CEO. “To differentiate and rebuild consumer trust, more manufacturers and brands use markers to be able to authenticate recycled fibers in the final garment.”

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