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MAS unveils global expansion drive

Company News, News | March 14, 2022 | By:

MAS Fabric Park in Thulhiriya, Sri Lanka

MAS Holdings, South Asia’s largest apparel and textile manufacturer, has announced plans to significantly expand its global footprint, seeking to capitalize on opportunities stemming from the pandemic while aligning further with the needs of its customers.

The company’s global growth strategy is set to further enhance the speed and agility of MAS and its capability to manage costs and risks and respond to the growing demand for on-shoring and near-shoring of production by clients. It also positions MAS to fully leverage the benefits of trade agreements and realize country-specific opportunities while also supporting the economic growth of many developing countries by creating new employment opportunities and boosting their exports.

MAS’ expansion drive across its 41 global apparel manufacturing facilities has led to an increase in its employee base by more than 18,000 over the past year. From January 2021 up to now, MAS’ global production capacity has increased by 15%, strengthening its position as a leading global apparel and textile manufacturer.

“This expansion further strengthens our capability to manufacture multiple products across a number of locations, which allows greater organizational agility and responsiveness, especially in times of crisis,” MAS Holdings CEO – Suren Fernando said. “If one region faces challenges, it still enables us to serve our customers through a truly global ecosystem. This capability provided us with a competitive edge, especially in mitigating the impact of the pandemic. In addition, this expansion also increases MAS’ contribution towards high-quality employment creation and strengthening the export earnings of many developing countries.”

MAS’ expansion strategy will substantially increase its presence across Asia – particularly in South and Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

In line with these expansions, the company will also amplify its signature sustainability initiatives focusing on economic, social and environmental sustainability. MAS’ overarching sustainability initiative, ‘Plan for Change’, also ensures that local communities benefit from MAS’ growing presence in their region.

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