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Gina Thorsen named CEO Jacquart Fabric Products

Company News, News | June 7, 2022 | By:

Gina Thorsen

Gina Jacquart Thorsen makes history as the first female CEO of Jacquart Fabric Products, the parent company of the national brand Stormy Kromer. In her new role, she will oversee strategic vision, company operations, sales & marketing, product development and more. 

Over the past decade, Thorsen has been instrumental in growing the Stormy Kromer brand by broadening the appeal of the brand to a younger demographic and expanding the female customer base. Since 2017, Stormy Kromer has experienced over 90% growth, with numbers consistently being in double digits each year. Over that same period, the brand saw a 146% jump in their ecommerce sales activity. Thorsen has focused on growing the product line into a full lifestyle brand, developing the company’s online presence while also increasing key partnerships and collaborations (i.e., Merrell, Carhartt, Wolverine, and more).

Stormy Kromer made several major shifts in the past four years under Thorsen’s leadership. Her team developed a strategy around online sales, which led to a significant increase in brand awareness and exposure while also capitalizing on the renewed interest by the public in spending time outdoors, due in large part to the pandemic. Investing in product design, developing retail partnerships, and growing those relationships has taken the Stormy Kromer brand to the next level.

Thorsen is the third generation to hold a leadership post at Jacquart Fabric Products. She has worked at the company for 13 years, starting as a Customer Service Manager and then moving into the role of Stormy Kromer Division Manager, a position that grew and expanded as the brand did. Her father, Bob Jacquart, will be staying on as Chairman and will continue to play a key role in the future growth of the company. For more information go to or

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