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Bio-Based Spandex

Swatches | October 1, 2022 | By:

Hyosung TNC has developed the world’s first spandex products derived from corn rather than petroleum products. Photo: Hyosung TNC

Hyosung TNC, one of the world’s largest spandex manufacturers, has created the world’s first bio-based spandex.

Called Creora Bio-Based, the spandex uses a natural material extracted from corn instead of coal, and obtained a global eco-friendly certification. The spandex reduces carbon emissions by 23% compared to conventional products, the company claims.

The corn-derived substance has long been used for general fibers, wrapping papers, cosmetics and liquid detergents, but not for high-functional textiles, such as spandex, because it couldn’t deliver unique elasticity and resilience due to technological limitations. But after more than a year of research and development efforts, the company says it has successfully commercialized bio-based spandex for the first time.

Hyosung TNC will initially start production of the new spandex at its production bases in South Korea, and then increase its production through global production bases, such as those in Vietnam.

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