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Material Exchange acquires Italian textile company Studio M.V.

Company News, News | November 17, 2022 | By:

Material Exchange is proud to announce the strategic acquisition of design and sales textile company Studio M.V. This expansion of the Material Exchange team helps to accelerate more sustainable, Earth-friendly practices across fashion’s supply chain.

“Throughout my many years in the industry, I’ve been looking for a way to digitize the sourcing process, from the design stages to production and beyond,” Vallarsa said. “To connect the entire textile supply chain within one efficient platform where everyone can work together. I think that Material Exchange’s vision best aligns with my own, and I’m excited be working toward improved sourcing together.”

Studio M.V. brings a new level of expertise to the table as well as a network of valuable connections with supply chain players and customers not only in Italy, but also across the world including India, Turkey, Bangladesh, and China. Textile engineers and agents at Studio M.V. are customer-focused within a wide range of luxury specialties from home textiles to denim, cotton to print. They manage the full process from selecting fabrics through to the final finishes and even presentation to the end customers, each step propelled by in-depth knowledge and passion.

In turn, Material Exchange will support the integration of its Digital Sourcing Platform (DSP) into Studio M.V.’s workflows for improved efficiencies and alignment. Material Exchange’s diverse ecosystem will also be accessible to Studio M.V., facilitating growth through a widened network.

Material Exchange looks forward to merging with the Studio M.V. team and to cooperating in this dynamic realm where technology and fashion fuse to create a better, more sustainable future.

“We’re thrilled to welcome the Studio M.V. team to our own,” said Darren Glenister, Founder and CEO of Material Exchange. “This union is going to help the fashion industry achieve more sustainable digital workflows across all stakeholders as well as build our ecosystem to allow for further growth.”

Stay tuned for more updates on what’s happening at Material Exchange and how we’re driving change within fashion.

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