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Kingly Ltd. launches upcycling project

Company News, News | November 30, 2022 | By:

Kingly Ltd. is the first zero-waste textile company that creates sustainable products for the promotional industry. The company just introduced its “Upcycling project” which intends to retrieve textile waste not for recycling but for using it to create new products.

“One of earth’s biggest polluters is the textile and apparel industry and its environmentally detrimental activities that are contributing to the declining health of our planet,” said Rob Armour, CEO and founder of Kingly. “Recognizing that we are at an important crossroad, my team and I are dedicated to providing the best sustainable earth-friendly products.

“We are proud to announce a new initiative we call ‘The Kingly Upcycling Project’. The mission is to inspire and educate people on upcycling and repurposed design and how to do it on a larger scale.”

Production produces waste

During the manufacture of socks, small factory offcuts are produced. They’re a mixture of cotton, nylon, Lycra, elastane, and materials like polyester, polypropylene, and other fibers. It is impossible for these offcuts to be recycled as there is no way one can separate the different fibers. For this reason, they would normally go to landfill.

Offcut waste is now retained and re-used

However, based on their commitment to a better, cleaner environment, and in line with our ISO 14001 Environmental Policy, at Kingly, waste fibers are now retained. The leftover fibers find a new life as stuffing for printed pillowcases and for furniture.

Resource preservation

The demand for sustainable alternatives to the most popular textile merchandise products is raising. Kingly already help giants like Google, Samsung and Coca-Cola reduce their environmental footprint and save vital resources. Until the end of October 2022, Kingly’s clients have saved astonishing 25 075 314 liters of water by choosing their award-winning upcycled socks in compostable bags as corporate gifts. Moreover, 93 592 kW/h of energy have been saved, the carbon footprint has been minimized by 38 397 kg, and the company has prevented 4 235 m2 from turning into landfill.

A case study from 2021 shows that Kingly has helped Google save more than 24 million liters of water with a single order of socks. In addition, energy consumption has been reduced by 90.168 KWh and the process prevented the use of 1,826 kg of pollutants. Kingly has also partnered with the developers of Polygiene, a technology that enables textiles to stay fresher for long, to reduce the frequency of washing and allow further resource savings.

Kingly’s upcycled cotton socks in compostable bags and GOTS organic cotton socks have just been shortlisted for the BPMA’s Product Awards 2022-2023.

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