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Mezger Inc. becomes Reiners & Fürst distributor

Company News, News | March 13, 2023 | By:

Reiners + Furst

Mezger Inc. announced that they are now the official distributor for Reiners + Fűrst rings and travellers in North America.

R+F is a family-owned German company, now in its third generation. This allows them to plan for the long-term while enabling them to make important decisions in the short term. Nearly 100 experienced employees meticulously take care of the production and marketing of a very broad range of spinning rings and ring travellers.

Some key advantages to the R+F rings are the low Rz friction values they offer. An Rz value of 0.16-0.18 is one of the lowest and most consistent chrome plating available in the marketplace today. This, along with the improved flange design, will help improve ends down and ring life.

In regard to yarn quality, the low Rz value helps with the better-quality numbers. Lower IPIs and hairiness are improved by smoother running travelers. Regarding spindle speed, you may be able to get a little more speed out of the spinning frame than others ring.

For more information on Reiners + Fűrst rings and travellers click here.

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