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MotorSkins develops soft robotic textile assistive devices

Swatches | April 1, 2023 | By:

By integrating soft robotics into textiles, Berlin, Germany-based wearable robotics producer MotorSkins bridges the gap between science and design with a novel metamaterial. Without requiring an external battery or motor, the company’s textiles support muscle weakness and disability through specialized active garments. 

The focus of MotorSkins is on fabrics with embedded fluidics that can perform movement. In a similar way to plants, the movement of these fabric structures depends only on the arrangement of the different layers of materials and the design of the fluid circuits that they contain. The soft robotics are powered by the energy harvested with the user’s walking. 

The company reports that its innovation offers a simple but powerful method to address assistive technologies and disabilities. It sees potential in market areas that include augmented capacities,
assistance for the elderly and rehabilitation. Photo: MotorSkins

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